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Meet the Musicians: Oembboe

2009-10-26 23:19:45 by ZombieArmyAudioTeam

Name: Oembboe

Style: Video Game

Influnces: Jesper Kyd and Stephane Picq

Programs: Renoise, Ableton Live

I am Andy, 20 years old from Indiana. I like to make music whenever I have the time and the inspiration. My influences are pretty much all in video game music and artists who compose it, like Jesper Kyd. Other artists I have some influence some are Virt, Stephane Picq, Naoki Kodaka, and many others.

I hope you enjoy my music. Please share it with as many people as possible!


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2009-11-02 18:47:14

Let's get up in dis shiz