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Meet the Musicians: smellycheeseman

2009-11-26 18:04:49 by ZombieArmyAudioTeam

Name: smellycheeseman

Style: Video Game, Ambient, Drums 'n Bass

Influnces: Benn Jordan, Aphex Twin, Pendulum

Programs: FL Studio, Audacity

I am Matt, 18 years old and from Illinois. I have had a passion for music for as long as I can remember. I am influenced by alot of IDM, DnB, and ambient artists. I like to compose music whenever I can and make each song mean something.

Meet the Musicians: Oembboe

2009-10-26 23:19:45 by ZombieArmyAudioTeam

Name: Oembboe

Style: Video Game

Influnces: Jesper Kyd and Stephane Picq

Programs: Renoise, Ableton Live

I am Andy, 20 years old from Indiana. I like to make music whenever I have the time and the inspiration. My influences are pretty much all in video game music and artists who compose it, like Jesper Kyd. Other artists I have some influence some are Virt, Stephane Picq, Naoki Kodaka, and many others.

I hope you enjoy my music. Please share it with as many people as possible!

Mission Statement

2009-10-26 22:40:33 by ZombieArmyAudioTeam

We here at the Zombie Army Audio Team welcome you to our Newgrounds page. The Zombie Army Audio Team are here to help you create an awesome and original soundtrack for your flash animation or game. To request a soundtrack, register at our forums at! Submit your request at the "Audio + Video + Game" section.

I will be making more news posts about the musicians and their material, so stay tuned!


We are on newgrounds!

2009-10-02 23:14:36 by ZombieArmyAudioTeam

Hi, this is smellycheeseman from the Zombie Army Audio Team! The main focus of the Zombie Army Audio Team is to compose music for flash movies and flash games alike.

Forums(Where you want to request music)

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I'll start putting more details up as it goes!